Instructor Examination (IE)

After completing all aspects of the IDC or the OWSI program, you are qualified to participate in the PADI Instructor Examination. This two-day program, directly following the IDC on the same place or in the closer area. If you feel not able to participate in this program you can still decide to wait and participate to a later time anywhere in an other IE program. Without any financial disadvantages you have 12 months time beginning from the last day of your IDC to participate in any IE’s The Instructor Examiner will evaluate you in the areas as outlined below.

If successful in the IE, you will become certified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

The PADI Instructor Examination (IE) is conducted by staff members of PADI International, and not by your course director. This ensures impartiality and fairness during the testing process.
Following your IDC, your immediate goal will be to pass the IE. During the last phase of your OWSI course, Rainer will counsel you individually and give you his recommendation on whether or not you are ready to attend the IE. It is rare when he recommend a candidate does not attend an IE, but the counseling session is designed to help you make an informed and honest decision about your preparedness.

The Examiner's job is to pass the candidate, not to fail the future instructor. The Examiner will do everything possible to make sure that you get through the program successfully. Their function is similar to that of a video camera; they record what you do and give you a black and white score of your performance. Their job is not to teach the candidate anything as our CD has already taught you much more than what it takes to pass the exam. The exam is really just a formality. The Examiner's job is to double check that all of the information is understood and that the candidates are ready to begin teaching on their own.

The IE consists of four parts. To get certified as a PADI Instructor, candidates must be successful in all four areas. If a candidate is unsuccessful in one or two areas, then that candidate must attend another IE and complete only that area in which he was unsuccessful. For example, if a candidate was only unsuccessful in the Open Water portion of the exam, then he or she would only redo and pay for that part at a later IE. This saves you both time and money.

The following is an overview of the required passing scores for the IE:


Diving Theory--closed-book examinations with passing scores of 75% or higher on the following subjects:

PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures--open-book exam; passing score 75% or higher, no retest allowed.


Confined Water

Skill Evaluation Circuit: Candidates perform a circuit consisting of five skills from the PADI Open Water Course. Passing score is 17 total points and no skill below 3.0. A make up allowed if only one skill was below 3.0


Knowledge Development Presentation:

Candidates evaluated on a sample teaching presentation. Specific assignments are made before the program. Passing score is 3.5 or higher (on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0). One retest allowed. Presentation should take between 5 - 10 minutes.


Open Water:

Areas of assessment include: