Continuing Education

Emergency First Response Instructor course (EFR Instructor)

Because several PADI courses require students to have CPR and First Aid training, becoming an EFR Instructor allows you to offer all-inclusive programs. Students will not have to look elsewhere for the training they need. Also, since EFR is not diving specific, you can offer this training to all your customers, friends and family. The Emergency First Response Instructor Course is a two-day program conducted next day’s after the IE. We emphasize a positive class environment, where we show you how to help your students have a good time, ensuring easy learning. In addition, as an EFR Instructor you will be much more employable You have friends, even non diver, just bring them as well to the EFR Instructor course, since January 1st 2005 everybody can participate to this instructor course, even non diver.

Emergency First Response Care for Children Instructor Course

The Emergency First Response Care for Children Instructor Course is a new, in the EFR Instructor course integrated part and provides individuals with the additional training necessary to teach Emergency Responders infant and child care skills. Start on July 1st 2005 This part is a must for all the EFR Instructor candidates. The course builds on the instructor candidate’s emergency care background and focuses on developing the necessary skills for infant and child care. Through independent study, classroom sessions and practical teaching assignments, instructor candidates learn to conduct the Emergency First Response Care for Children Course. IDC Pro International conducts this Care for Children instructor course part as an integrated program with the Emergency First Response instructor course.

PADI Specialty Instructor

Earning PADI specialty Instructor ratings allow you to teach a wide array of exciting courses in special interest areas. Besides giving you the chance to do your favorite type of diving, Specialty diver courses allow you to share your interest and expertise with others. Many PADI Specialty courses are supported with videos and books that make them easier to teach and sell. Taking Specialty Instructor Training Courses with us provides you with practical experience for conducting these courses. The emphasize is on fun and in-water application. Each course takes a day, and we schedule them after the IE. Please note our special bonus package in our Webpage.

DSAT Gas Blender Instructor

Just after the Examination, we offer you also the DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Course for Enriched Air

You may offer the DSAT Gas Blender program to dive operation staff, dive professionals and other interested technical and enriched air divers who want to learn blending techniques for enriched air.

We offer you a nice package together with the Enriched Air Instructor Course.

Semiclosed Rebreather Instructor– Dolphin/Atlantis

This instructor level is designed to introduce divers to the Dräger Dolphin/Atlantis semiclosed rebreather and develope the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to use this type of rebreather. The course reviews the planning, organization, procedures, potential problems and hazards associated with semiclosed rebreather diving. It specifically focuses on the features, accessories, maintenance and proper use of the Dolphin/Atlantis semiclosed rebreather.

Instructor Digital Underwater Photographer