IDC Staff Instructor

As an instructor, are you working towards the goal of becoming a Master Instructor or perhaps you're looking higher to Course Director Training? In order to become a Master Instructor you must have certified at least five Assistant Instructors. In order to teach the Assistant Instructor program you must be a Staff Instructor. There are also many other benefits to becoming a Staff Instructor, not least of which is reducing burnout by increasing the number of different courses that you are able to teach. On completion of the Staff Instructor course, you will be able to teach Assistant Instructor courses and most parts of an IDC.

There are two days of preparation before you audit an entire IDC to gain this certification. You'll find the two-day run up to the IDC itself both challenging and rewarding. There's a chance to brush up your own demonstration and teaching skills as well as time to learn about scoring and critiquing instructor candidates.

We expect the very best from our Staff Instructors and look for professional appearance and conduct throughout the course. With two Course Directors and tree Staff Instructors, we'll make sure you get the most out of your training. You'll see each and every aspect of the IDC along with all the required materials and paper work and be fully involved at all times ensuring that you're ready to assume the responsibilities of a PADI Staff instructor.

Staff Instructor Course Pre-requisites

To enroll in a PADI IDC Staff Instructor course, you must:


Performance Requirements:

To be certified as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, you must meet the following performance requirements:

IDC Staff Instructor Candidate Course Materials:

For class sessions and independent study there are several required PADI manuals and educational materials: