Frequently asked questions FAQ

The following questions are some of the most common we encounter when speaking with or writing to future candidates.

If you have questions which are not answered properly here, please send an email to Rainer for a personally detailed answer.

Can you help to arrange accommodation, transportation, and other basic needs?

Yes, we have a full-service Head Office from where we anytime can arrange the whole logistic For example, our driver pick you up on the Airport and brings you directly on the fastest way to our facility We are under contract with different resort and Hotels, so we can arrange for you any need and wishes. Believe us more then 10 years experience in the diving industry we can help you suburb with almost everything.

How can I best prepare for the IDC/IE?

It is important to spend time studying your theory, as this will not be re taught during the IDC Program. By studying, we mean using your PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook and Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving to ensure that you understand all aspects of the diving theory that you will be tested on. During the IDC, we will have a study session and give you a pre-assessment examination. The purpose of the sample exam is to know where you stand with regard to your level of knowledge. We can not emphasize enough that the time to study your theory is before the IDC, not during the IDC. You'll be learning many new things, so you'll want to spend your time learning these new subjects; not reviewing old subjects. You also need to complete the knowledge reviews in the Instructor Candidate Workbook prior to the start of the IDC. So we can plunge into more important parts during our staff leaded IDC Prep-course right before the IDC starts. Please email Rainer personally for a detailed explanation on this.

What's so special about your IDC Program?

One of the most important aspects of our course is the emphasis on real-world training. We believe that almost any Course Director can give you enough knowledge to pass the IE if that is your only goal. However, your goal should be to understand the PADI system to the point where you can be a successful employee or owner - a diving professional. In other words, we prepare you for your future; the IE is only a stepping stone. Choosing to do the IDC with Rainer will make a big difference, as he is on of the most experienced and capable educator in this part of the world.

Is it possible to `fail' the IDC Program?

No, it is impossible to fail the IDC - unless you just don't show up - as the IDC is a course, not an exam. Our IDC stresses development. As a result, you can relax while learning, knowing that mistakes are part of the process. Although there are performance requirements for successfully completing the course, there are no time limitations, so you may continue to progress under your Course Director's guidance. The goal is to create a low-stress environment in which you can learn to function as a PADI Instructor. This makes the IDC challenging, yet an enjoyable learning experience. The final evaluation of your knowledge and skills come later during the PADI Instructor Examination (IE).

Must I do the exams in English?

No, PADI has written exams in many different languages, and certainly in all of the major European languages. They are also getting better about the Asian languages as well. Also, it is possible to do your oral teaching presentations in your native tongue if you so desire. For our candidates we offer free translation on the IE.

What is average passing rate for the IE?

Worldwide 89% -Rainer had the last 7 years 97% passed candidates

What is the most common area of the IE that candidates fail?

Theory exams! Study your theory and be prepared for the IDC. So far, none of our candidates have failed due to low scores on teaching presentations.

When can I begin teaching?

As soon as the paperwork from your IE has be processed by PADI. Depending on your where your permanent address is, this could take between two and four weeks.

Can I get a job in the Philippines, Egypt or in Europe

Yes, it is possible to work in this country at one of the many island resorts, including Philippines. Especially in the Philippine areas from Bohol, Negros or Cebu is always a need for PADI Scuba Instructors Rainer has leaving for almost 10 years in the Philippines, so he has a great connection to the Dive Centers there. But it’s also possible to work in a bigger tourist area like Egypt or even Europe (Germany, Switzerland). We try our best to help our candidates to find the right work on the right place. Important for us from your side is just show us professionalism and a good attitude during your IDC, the rest we will do for you.

Can I connect my diving holiday with my IDC program?

Yes, in Egypt or in the Philippines. But during the IDC/IE will be not much time for holiday. Before and after the program we can offer you plenty of opportunities. Like a island hopping in the Philippines, Dive Safari in the Red Sea or relaxing on a white beach. Please check our web page for any information or booking possibilities.